Composer and educator Niusha Shirvani is a proficient and skilled musician specializing in Persian traditional music. His journey through music education and mentorship has shaped him into the artist and teacher he is today.

Niusha's musical odyssey commenced with tar lessons under Amir Naderzadeh, providing him a foundational understanding of the instrument. His quest for mastery led him to further refine his tar skills under the guidance of prominent figures such as Hossein Alizadeh and Fariborz Azizi, who played pivotal roles in advancing his technical prowess.

Diving into the heart of Persian traditional music, Niusha's exploration of the Radif, the extensive repertoire of Persian traditional music, took shape under the mentorship of the distinguished Mohammad Reza Lotfi. This engagement enriched his musical vocabulary and nurtured a profound connection to the essence of this genre.

Niusha's journey led him to encounter Houshang Zarif before relocating to Canada. These precious lessons undoubtedly contributed to his diverse musical perspectives and teaching style. The influence of Houshang Ostovar, a Persian Composer/Instructor who introduced him to Western classical music fundamentals, broadened his musical horizons and set him on a path of cross-cultural enrichment.

Completing his formal education, Niusha's graduation from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor's degree in music in 2017 marked a significant milestone. This achievement solidified his commitment to academic and artistic growth, positioning him as an adept composer and educator.

Niusha Shirvani's trajectory embodies dedication, perseverance, and a relentless pursuit of musical excellence. His background, which combines rigorous training in Persian traditional music with exposure to Western classical elements, equips him with a unique vantage point as both a composer and a teacher. His journey is a testament to the transformative power of music education and the interwoven threads of cultural heritage and global exploration.





I am Niusha Shirvani, an Iranian (Persian) composer/teacher and a professional tar and setar player specializing in Persian traditional music.

I offer tar, setar, music theory, ear training, and music listening lessons. 

If you are new to Persian traditional music or have some experience and want to take it to a more advanced level, you'll fit into my classes. Whether your goal is to be a fine musician or music is just a hobby, I will tailor a lesson for you.

I genuinely believe in the holistic nature of learning music; it is more than simply playing an instrument. My tar and setar students learn music theory, ear training and music listening with me. 

If playing an instrument differs from what you are thinking of, you may still benefit from my music appreciation classes, in which you will learn music listening, theory and ear training. 

There is no age limitation. Online and group lessons are also available.

My students are eligible to borrow instrument at no cost.

Contact me to book a free trial session. This an opportunity to ask your questions in person.

I also provide tar and setar service, see below: replacing skin, strings, frets, and free instrument purchase consultations. 


1 hour session: $50



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Strings full set

Tar               $60

Setar           $40

Frets, full set

Tar                $140

Setar     $120

Tar Skin full set:


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